Arts and Sciences


    • June 12
      Making Flatbread in the Kitchen with Aldred.  Want to learn how to make flatbread?  Come join us for kitchen learning fun with one of our own.
    • June 19
      Heraldry with Konrad.  Have you seen devices and always wanted one of your own?  Make sure to come to this class and learn about heraldry from Konrad.  Konrad has many years of experience helping others with heraldic creation and submissions.  
    • June 26
      Sewing Viking Coats with Kritsy.  Need a coat to keep you warm at SCA events?  Kristy is a talented seamstress who will be joining us to teach how to make a Viking Coat.
    • July 3
      Open Scribal Night and Business Meeting.  Join us for our monthly scribal night.  Supplies for both calligraphy and illumination are available.  We hold a very brief business meeting that begins at 8pm
    • July 10
      Coif with Katren.  So you have a tunic and a coat.  Continue to accessorize by learning how to create a coif with Katren.  Both men and women wore coifs throughout history.
    • July 17
      Sausage Making with Mistress Helewyse.  The kitchen will be busy with a cooking Laurel joining us!  She will be showing us how to make sausage.  This is a fun class that you will not want to miss.

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