Meeting Minutes

Business meetings are held the first Tuesday of each month.

Sept 4 – We discussed upcoming classes and events and job openings.

July 17 – We held a quick business meeting and voted in Megan and Sarah to be co-autocrats of Yule Feast.

June 5 – We voted in a new Exchequer.  Welcome to Clovis!  We discussed when we will be holding Yule Feast so we could get the date resevered on the Midrealm calendar.   If you are interested in running the event, please put your name in.  We reviewed upcoming events and classes.

May 1 – We reviewed upcoming classes and events.  Short discussion about War Hogs Barony camp for pennsic.

April 3rd – Seneschal – the moas is recovering but doing good. Reviewed upcoming events.  Exchequer – we have money 

March 6th – Seneschal – We have open positions (Chatelaine, Chronicler, Webminister and Herald).  They are not required but are a great way to get more involved in your Canton.  Let me know if you are interested.  FB page – we are going to keep it and use it for marketing purposes.  Old posts are being sorted through.  Conversation topics should be on the Group. Barony will be hosting a 30th Birthday party in Oct 2020.  If you are interested in putting in a bid, we can start now looking at TOledo sites.  It falls on Crown Tourney so we should look for a site that fits a Kingdom level event.
MOAS – we have classes scheduled through April.
Exchequer – we have money and the first report went well!
Kate – If you can help with sewing Baron Wars token, please let her know. Baron Konrad –  Put in Awards for Ranged Weaponry (baronial court) and Baron wars (kingdom court).  

Feb 6th – A&S classes are scheduled through March. We have monthly scribal, kitchen and outside teachers coming in.  If you have something to teach, let us know.  MOAS had one person put in for the position.  Kate was voted in as MOAS.  All in favor, one also said (jokingly) not in favor…until he realized he might have to do the job.  Kate is now the Canton MOAS.  Facebook group and page for the Canton was discussed and questioned if we should have both.  Points presented on both sides.  We will readdress later. Canton website is updated. Make sure you spell it correctly as hrod and not hroth for the beginning part.  ToledoSCA will have a redirect put in place that will only be present until midrealm site is updated.  Upcoming events were discussed.  Deorsa let us know there is a Wine and Paint of dragons in the Defiance area if we are interested.  Nate resigned as Chatelaine.  Position is open for applicants.  Please contact Seneschal if interested.  Meeting closed.

Jan 2nd – Artemisia Voltera was voted in as new Seneschal. Charity announced the Exchequer position was open for applicants.


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